Try your luck at the tour of britain betting

tour of britain betting

Try your luck at the tour of britain betting

How to analyze betting rates

In order to analyze the bets on cycling it is necessary to take into account not only the quotes of bookmakers, but also the motivation and tactics of each individual athlete. The most obvious example: the bookmaker will always put the lowest odds at every stage of the race for the favorite of the entire race, but the leader does not need to win at every stage. Moreover the favorites are distributed in a certain way over the distance. Somewhere (in the stages that are most preferred and convenient), the favorite makes the greatest effort and collects optimal statistics, and somewhere can go in the middle, trying to just keep leadership and not accumulate fatigue.

Therefore it is necessary to define precisely:

– athletes themselves – which are better at the mountain stages and which are the best on the highway;
– specifics of the race – how the stages changed, what are the features of the route at each stage;
– statistics of previous races – how bicyclists behave in the course of the race, where the best results are;
– motivation of cyclists – you need to take into account the seasonal rating (Grand Tournaments unite riders of the general rating), interviews of athletes and other factors of motivation;
– the traces, weather and similar parameters, cycling tour of britain.
It is advisable not only to collect data independently, but also to read sports publications and expert opinions. On the central sports channels there are very informative reports of races with comments.

The most popular types of bets

The most popular bets on Tour of Britain are those to choose the winner. This type of betting is the most common among amateur players who have some knowledge, but they are still far from experts. Some bookmakers can also place bets on the nationality of the triumphant. The players are more experienced and have a wide range of information about cyclists and highways, are often resolved on forecasting winners of certain stages. A rather popular type of betting is the bet on the cyclist, who before the start of the race was not included in the list of favorites, but possessing some qualities that according to our opinion may encourage him at this stage.

The next type of betting popular among professional betters are bets type H2H on certain riders. It makes sense especially for athletes who occupy the lowest places in the ranking, the knowledge of betters sometimes exceeds the knowledge of bookmakers, which allows them to find profitable coefficients. And it does not matter if the rider finishes the race 72, it is more important that he is in front of the rivals he was with. The rate of H2H is also popular among fans of express bets. The opposition of two or three pairs on the coupon certainly increases the risk, but also significantly increases the potential winnings.

The period of Tour of Britan race lasts for 8 days in the beginning of September, as usually. So, it’s high time to start thinking about favourites.